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Parents give views on EHCPs

Surrey County Council is gathering a number of snapshots of the experience of SEND families, using a variety of methods. A range of experiences is being reported, but one important snapshot is given by the latest survey of parents of children with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) in Surrey which shows an average satisfaction rate of more than 70%.

The online survey was sent to 1,269 families, around 20% of the families in Surrey whose children have an EHC Plan. They were asked to respond to four statements:

• My child is enjoying school

• The provision in my child's plan reflects their needs

• The right support is in place at nursery, school or college to meet my child’s needs

• I feel my child is making progress

There were 227 responses, with 80% agreeing or strongly agreeing that their child enjoyed school; 71% agreeing or strongly agreeing that their child's EHC Plan reflected their needs; 63% agreeing or strongly agreeing that the right support was in place to meet their child's needs; and nearly 70% agreeing or strongly agreeing that their child was making progress.

The average satisfaction rate across the four statements was 71%. But while the majority of parents who responded agreed that the right support was in place for their children through their EHC Plans, a third of parents who responded did not agree. A few respondents also said the survey did not enable them to give the feedback they wanted.

Parents were most positive about EHC Plans when there was good communication with schools and case workers, when plans were completed on time and provision in schools met their children’s needs. They also valued a collaborative approach to identifying their children’s needs.

They were more likely to hold a negative view if these expectations were not met. The SEND partnership will use the feedback from the survey to identify what is working well and build on those strengths, as well as look at what needs to improve.

You can read a summary of the results here